To Fall In Love With A Straight Boy [Suty Komsonkeo] / by EMW Bookstore

To Fall In Love With A Straight Boy

Is like watching a bad romantic comedy
Except he is the protagonist
And you are the best friend
Who is faking a clap as he kisses the girl
The girl you just met a week ago

The one he's barely talked about
In any of his conversations
And you think
About those late nights
The sky a sparkling blanket
And the city an empty bedroom
And he begins to strip down his walls
You learn about his favorite pizza
Summaries of recent books he has read
And that one of his biggest fears
Is having ugly children
His soul stands naked and exposed before you
And he looks breathtaking
His presence bathes you
In intimate street lamp light
And you wonder
Why am I not enough?

The worst kind of rejection
Is the one that's implicit
The one you saw coming
But still didn't want to turn away
Hanging on to a hope
That this body
These eyes
This heart
Was all he ever wanted

To fall in love with a straight boy
Is to know heartbreak
Without anyone to blame
Except yourself

Born and raised in Lowell, MA, Suty Komsonkeo timidly began performing spoken word poetry in 2011 with a non-profit organization known as Freeverse. Little did he know, he would be flying to San Francisco later that year to compete at the 2011 Brave New Voices competition with the Lowell Youth Slam Team. Afterwards, Suty pursued, and recently received, a degree in Civil Engineering at the George Washington University. While in Washington, DC, he was given the opportunity to feature and perform at notable events and venues, such as, Busboys and Poets, Sulu DC, and IGNITION. He was also able to fuel his love for dance by joining a competitive Indian dance team known as GW Raas, a hip hop dance troupe called Capital Funk, and dancing Filipino cultural dances with the Philippine Cultural Society. Suty's other hobbies include wearing his glasses only when he wants to look smart, and water. He is ecstatic to feature at East Meet Words and share with a crowd of fresh faces!