Street bio

Biology is humanity's next technology revolution, but who will be empowered to participate?

With Street Bio at EMW, we explore the interface between engineered biology and the street—the people, culture, and products that will shape how biology leaves the lab and enters our everyday lives. In 2015, EMW was the site and home for the international course, "How To Grow (Almost) Anything", led by Professor George Church of Harvard University. Street Bio also boosts events like bio-hackathons, organized with our friends at Synbiota and MIT Media Lab. Interested in learning more? Contact David Kong for more information.


EMW's Youth Science Initiative seeks to educate, inspire, and expose underserved local youth to the brilliant world of biotechnology and other sciences through a social lens.

By empowering diverse youth with opportunities for creative and critical thinking, as well as team work experience, EMW is cultivating a vibrant environment for intellectual growth. Fostering a diverse workforce pipeline for the science industries is essential to the advancement of science. The Youth Science Initiative is preparing the next generation of scientists to make a measurable positive impact.

Youth Science Initiative works toward...

  • Diversity: Increasing representation of diversity backgrounds in the scientific field.
  • Youth Empowerment: Empowering youth by encouraging critical thinking and intellectual growth, building a future community of forward-thinkers.
  • A Better Workforce Pipeline: Inspiring youth to pursue science careers focused on sustainable solutions and, in the future, partnering with colleges and science companies to cultivate career networks.

In past events, YSI has partnered with Ginkgo BioWorks, MIT Media Lab Open Ag, Life Long Kindergarten (LLK), Koinonia Collaborative Institute, Museum of Science, and NASA to bring YSI participants impactful, educational experiences.


How to grow (almost) anything

EMW is thrilled to be a site and home for the international course, "How To Grow (Almost) Anything"! Led by Professor George Church of Harvard, the course builds on Neil Gershenfeld of the MIT Center for Bits and Atom's iconic course, "How to Make (Almost) Anything." Class #1 is in the books, kicked off with lectures by George and our very own David Kong. Come visit our community biology lab soon!




field trip to ginkgo bioworks!

The EMW Street Bio community visits Ginkgo Bioworks. Thanks to Tom Knight and the Ginkgo family for their generous donation of equipment to our community bio lab!


Our first bio-hacking event! Organized in conjunction with our friends at Synbiota, and run for Kevin Slavin and Neri Oxman and their wonderful graduate students from the MIT Media Lab.
Photography by David Sun Kong