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David Sun Kong
Founder | Director | LinkedIn | Photography 

Synthetic biologist, community organizer, photographer, musician. Passion for bringing technology to the people and empowerment through the arts.  Loves his community. And whatever you're having for dessert.

Amanda Zhang
Assistant Director

Amanda is a community organizer and writer who thinks a lot about oppression, the economics of things, and femme as a political identity. For her, optimism is necessary. 


Jeffrey Cott
Design Director
Portfolio | Soundcloud

Designer, producer, occasional flute beat boxer, and widely considered close relative of the koala. Looking to explore and bridge the gap between design and music.

Francesca Huynh
Programs Director
Website | Email

Ad techie, community activator, and photographer with writerly tendencies. Her favorite activities include listening to podcasts and hollowing cantaloupe with a large spoon.

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Rob Foley
Building Manager

Rob enjoys fixing things, inspecting things, organizing things, and generally the world of things. And people too, they are extremely awesome. He also drums, hikes, canoes, and drinks lots of milk.

ricky bio photo.png

Ricky Orng
East Meets Words Program Lead

Lowell's Little Cambodia reppin' communications designer and social media maker. Ricky enjoys pretending to know how to take photos and write poetry. You can find his work intergalactically or alongside his food.

Christine An
Development Strategist

Intergalactic conduit for goodness. Called "Stine." Event paladin for Drink Salon on Tech & Ethics. Fiction editor. Stand-up comedian. Scope at

rich bio photo

Richard Lopez
Graphic Designer

Rich moved to Boston From Cali at age 6. EMW Graphic Designer, DJ, and sleep deprived student. He just wants to nap, make art, and make a difference.


Simone Labony Labbance
Development Director

Wellesley College graduate passionate about Asian American Studies and music. Hardcore Vermonter. Plays the flute, sitar, and dances Bollywood. Simone also performs with the Big Bang Bhangra Brass Band.

Ludjy Derisier
East Meets Beats Organizer

Producer, Podcaster, and Video Editing Enthusiast! Ludjy is the current curator for the East Meets Beats producer showcase and loves terrible puns.


Hongye Wu
EMW Gallery Co-Lead

Hongye Wu recently graduated from Tufts University with Political Science and Art History degrees. She intends to tell stories in a both political and artistic way. 

melissa bio photo.png

Melissa Teng
EMW Gallery Co-Lead

Melissa is a time-traveling 20-something who, after a brief romantic coming-of-age space western in Houston, is back in Boston working as a web designer.

hongye bio photo.png

Sruthi Narayanan
Communications Director

Storyteller, musician, curator of whimsy, and staunch defender of art as a healing power. Sruthi works for a behavioral marketing startup and is lowkey panicking at how many books she owns. 


Allyson Ang
Development Associate

Ally Ang is a fourth-year student of Sociology and Asian American Studies at Wellesley College. Ally also loves writing, singing, and snuggling with their dog Bandit.

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Julianne Papetsas
Volunteer Coordinator

Julianne is a high school English teacher and art enthusiast who dabbles in various creative pursuits from writing to visual art and everything in between.  She hails from Provincetown, MA and ever will be "The Kid at the Beach


Tina Xu
EMW Media Team | Borderlands Co-Director

Lover-hater of political theory, connoisseur of wistful words, hiker of hikes, biker of bikes, and occasional rhymer of rhymes. She would like to un-creepily append you to her mental Atlas of the Human Condition (aka she would like to get to know you), so hit her up if you have extra bubble wrap.


Melee Lee
Assistant Building Manager | Borderlands Editor

Board Certified Awkward Turtle. biology student and stage manager with Artist's Theater of Boston. dabbler in things (art, music, dance, stuff). cuddly chronic insomniac who likes pasta, writing angsty poetry, hugs, and dank memes.


Mateo Mendoza
Borderlands Co-Director & Beats Editor

Jammin' jazz pianist, sleepless scientist, aspiring healer-educator, and nationally-ranked tetris champ from South Central Los Angeles. He has a deep disdain for wet socks and endless love for rainy days.


Ryūhi Segreto

Programmer, writer, artist, dancer, and armchair philosopher. Ryuhi works for a health-tech startup and manages their son's Instagram presence. They hate wearing socks and love a good meme.




Kai Huang
Artist in residence

Spoken word poet. Fourth-year Harvard medical student. Likes Tribe and Wu-Tang. Dislikes old people. Shout out to H-Mart Cambridge. Shout out to Korean girls who wear snapbacks.

Scooter Oyama
Artist in residence

AKA goyama AKA yungluffy AKA kawaii. Possibly world's only beat maker / future speech language pathologist / and ramen connoisseur <3<3

keizo bio photo

Keizo Amakawa
Studio Manager

An excessively time-conscious developing audio enthusiast fascinated by all forms of art. Coming from the west coast to make the coolest studio and label on the east coast.

alahna bio photo

Alahna Watson
Illustrator | Designer

Artist, designer, and part time procrasti-napper. Sparks dialogue about race and class by spray painting fried chicken. Likes fight movies, comic books, and vanilla pudding.


Kathryn Waterman
Graphic Designer | Photographer

A freelance graphic designer, photographer, painter, drawer. Joined EMW team 2014 and has never looked back. Active, open, creative, jack of all trades, and fun sized! 

Ellie Tiglao
Programs Director

Polymath, polyglot. Progeny of Pacific paradise. Purveyor of pastries and Pilipino pamangan. Peter Piper peer with a palate for politics and a penchant for pedals, percussion and puzzles.


Gene Shinozaki
Beast Box program lead
Facebook | Youtube | Soundcloud