Lol you asked for it, so here it is! It's another edition of "Fucked Up Things White People Do For 1,000, Alex." One of my favorite segments here at EMW. This week in 19th century racism, LA Clippers owner Donald Sterling has some opinions he'd like you to know about! See the amazing clip below. Ahh I love it when stuff like this happens.

Yo, his girl though... ugh. Please support her at: Holler at me, babe. I ain't worth 2 billi, but I'll let you take photos with Martians if you meet any, AND I'll refrain from referring to you as a "delicate white or Latina girl." Lol lol.


UPDATE, 4/29: As you've probably heard by now, NBA Commish Adam Silver made a strong move and banned Donald Sterling for life, and slapped him with a $2.5 mil fine, which is nothing to this dude, but is the maximum fine allowable by the NBA Constitution. I also came across this painful and beautifully written article on Slate:

Excerpt, on some plantation shit:

"The owner of a sports franchise acquires his cultural cachet by basking in the reflected glory of his players. There’s a dark side to that owner-player relationship that we don’t really think about, an uncomfortable truth that’s particularly fraught when you consider the racial dynamics at play in the NBA. A white plutocrat like Los Angeles Clippers owner/Hall-of-Fame-caliber bigot Donald Sterling doesn’t just own a basketball team. He owns the black players who suit up for that team, too."

Reminiscent of a classic:


UPDATE #2, 4/30: Fuck. See below. Back to institutionalized. Ugh Bomani Jones going in. Thanks Alicia Maule for the find.