April 18, 2014 SALON FOR ARTISTIC EXPERIMENTATION / by Eric Rosenbaum

What do these have in common?

  • an interactive projection that lets you draw with light on the wall by moving your body
  • an orchestra of iphones making shimmering sounds as you shake them
  • a detailed print of an empty apartment after a party
  • a question about the transformation of space with light
  • an LED array filling the room with pinks and purples and greens, in sync with piano melodies
  • a spoken word piece performed by a group in robot voice
  • an improvisation game of singing emergent harmonies while lying on the floor
They're all artistic experiments! These were the experiences we shared at the first ever Salon for Artistic Experimentation, held at EMW on April 18, 2014. Artists, musicians, and writers gathered for a pot luck dinner, and then for the next two hours took turns sharing, critiquing and brainstorming. It was exciting to bring together such a mixed group of people and experiments. And even more importantly we were able to create a safe space for extended creative conversations about artistic work in progress.