Kai Huang here currently writing from Stratton Mountain Ski Resort in Stratton, VT. I've been here for about a week seeing patients in the urgent care clinic at the base of the mountain as part of the Harvard Medical School "Skiing Injuries and Family Practice" elective, and I already miss the fairly racist but at least racially diverse greater Boston area that I sadly left on Super Bowl Sunday (shout out to all you white people who use coded language to talk about how certain Seahawks players are a bad influence for the youth!!).

So, the thing is, I didn't realize this when I signed up for the elective, but Vermont is over 96% white according to the 2010 U.S. Census (thanks to Creative Director Jeff Cott AKA Kid Koala for this article). So in honor of that, today's post, entitled "VIEWS FROM VERMONT" will actually just be me highlighting some good old fashioned racism here in this lovely mountain state!

That's right. It's another long-awaited edition of "Fucked Up Things White People Do for 1,000, Alex." One of my favorite segments here at EMW.

FIRST UP, this humorous and tragic article forwarded to me by our exceptionally well organized yet persistently whiny and nap-prone Assistant Director slash flower picking enthusiast Amanda Zhang, known to (a) make plans and (b) put them into action. Click the image below for that full article!


Ahh I can't lie, I love it when stuff like this happens. Sometimes you just need an event like this to help white people let us know how they really feel! Because other times, it can be kind of hard to tell.

ALRIGHT NEXT, a series of choice quotes from my supervisors at the clinic, who are esteemed physicians on faculty at Harvard and other white institutions in the northeastern United States. Here are my favorites from the week:

"I was amazed at how little these students were learning. But you know, at the time, Harvard was under a lot of pressure to admit 'disadvantaged' students, who probably wouldn't have won in a fair and equal election."

"These days, you can't even ask if someone's male or female. I saw a form the other day that said Male, Female, or Neutral... or Trans, it must have been. I said to myself, 'What is the world coming to?'" (LOL this one's a bonus, for all you transphobic and oppressively gender conforming ass clowns out there!)

"Ah, damn it. They need to give me some real utensils." I respond, "What, did they give you plastic?" ... "No, they gave me chopsticks." Motherfucker, (a) I'm Asian and I'm standing right in front of you and (b) YOU EATING SUSHI RIGHT NOW.

Given, I ain't say shit in response to any of these comments because med school kind of conditions you to never speak out against bigoted authority figures. Beats it out of you, etc. I'm only comfortable posting this slander about my unnamed supervisors on the internet because I don't believe they'll find it before graduation (May 28, 2015). If you guys do see this though, I'm just playing! I love you and Harvard Medical School.

BOOM AND LAST. This one's not too fucked up, but just kinda made me chuckle. Peep this dope ass Oriental food aisle at the Shaw's over in nearby Manchester, VT:


Lol. Oh H-Mart Cambridge how I miss you so. We should have a white aisle there, call it Caucasoid or something. For all your mayo, bread, and police force needs! Credit Manda for the tagline.

Alright that's all for now, fam. Stay tuned for blog posts on the most recent EMW Gallery Opening AKA Fresh Friday featuring Evelyn's moms Jane Kuang, East Meets Beats (beets?) #12 featuring GOLDBLOC, and possibly some other shit if I can get our staff to stop playing Pokemon Yellow. You already know. Pika pika.

<3 K