BeastBox : Beatbox Showcase @ EMW by Gene Shinozaki

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Hey everyone! This is Gene, the beatboxer and newest member of the EMW family! Just wanted to chime in and tell you all about this event full of mouth-maticians, that is "BeastBox". You need to forget EVERYTHING you know about beatboxing before attending one of these events, because these performers will blow your mind by quite literally, speaking music at you. We had professional beatboxers from all over the Eastcoast to come up and do a showcase. Some performed with a wide range of electronic equipments while some with just one microphone. Some fused beatboxing and stand up comedy while others fused bird calls. The event was meant to showcase the versatility of the art, and these beatboxers did just that, and MORE! And just when you thought you've heard everything, BAM! Scooter (aka. Goyama) plays some killin tracks and break dancers come out of the audience to start a dance battle! Yeah. It was nuts. To wrap up the night, Kai Huang (itsyerboi) and myself started a big beatbox/MC cypher with a classic  EMW closing chant. The vibe was perfect, and everyone was having such a great time I seriously wanted to cry. Big Shout out to my beatboxing homies from NY and CT for coming up to perform, and BIG BIG ups to the EMW crew for helping me organize such an incredible event!! And most of all, thank you to all of you that attended the event and creating such a great supportive vibe towards the performers and our passion! For those who missed it, there will be more :) Dates coming soon. Peace, Love, and Beatbox.

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