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The Sextacular Show! by Iris Cutler

EMW was lucky to have The Sextacular Show in our space in early July. A diverse, lively, and friendly crowd, they filled the Bookstore with a simultaneously informative and fully entertaining night of sex positive performances. The Sextacular Show Team wrote a reflection on the night below. Thank you, Sextacular! It was an absolute pleasure! By The Sextacular Show Team

On Thursday, July 10, the Sextacular Show took stage for a preview show at East Meets West. The collaborative nature of East Meets West proved to be just what we needed to set the tone for our first show. We hit capacity for the space in under a week of ticket sales but it provided us with an intimate space to test out the show. Among the performances were comedy, burlesque, storytelling, a rope performance, open mic, and even a clown!

The Sextacular Show formed around the shared vision to create a supportive space for the entire greater Boston community to participate in a sexy celebration. The core team comes from the kink community, sex education, burlesque, comedy, improv, and the more general population with a common goal: to create a place for people from all walks, all dispositions, inclinations, and expressions, to have a platform to celebrate the wide range of what sexuality may mean to them, showing each other diverse experiences along a vast spectrum of what healthy sexuality can look like. Doing this allows us to come together to share, grow, and learn something along the way.

In Boston, you can find a variety of nights and shows that touch upon the topic of sex and relationships, but what the Sextacular Show offers is a night of community where queer, poly, mono, kink, vanilla, or whatever letter of alphabet soup can come together under a single roof to share experiences, laughs, and a sense of community with a wide range of talented performers who rarely share the same stage. At the Sextacular Show, sex is not innuendo or whispers, it is not taboo, and it can be as heavy or as light a topic as a performer wants it to be. After the performances are over, the show offers the audience and performers an opportunity to join together in break-out sessions to discuss the show and other pertinent topic areas.

In creating the show, the core team asked themselves: “why do I need to perform in a show that celebrates sexuality?” In response, many of the team members reflected their deep need and desire to have a safe space to share personal truths, be vulnerable, and maybe even learn something about ourselves and others in the process.

The Sextacular Team is looking to share raucous self-expression and quiet thoughtful moments with those who wish to join us.

The Sextacular Show Website

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