East Meets Beats #15 Podcast / by EMW Bookstore

Listen to our lineup of performers chat before their EMB showcase. We have producer SUBDAIO, co-fouder of indie record label, Flow-fi, visiting EMW Bookstore from New Jersey! Podcast hosted by our homie Ludjy aka Hollowz, he prompt questions that led to the fam discussing equipment, first time playing, and first tracks they produced.

Ludjy: "So when you guys first started... how did you feel when you made your first real track?"
Subdaio: "My first real track that I made was probably back in 2012 and when I made it I thought it was the dopest thing I made. When I look back at it now, probably not, but it was still cool. you know. Because it was the first track you made. it was a special place in your heart. It's like owning your first car."

Shoutout to our Creative Director, Jeffrey Cott who goes by Kansado, also played at EMB #15; and Keizo Amakawa aka K-ZO representing San Diego.

Listen to the podcast here