Yo so it's Kai again, coming at you from the road on some young Kerouac. Right now though, I want to take some time to reflect on a bomb ass meal I had last Saturday night in my own apartment back at EMW.

Our esteemed colleague, Programs Director and Bellatrix Lestrange look-alike Ellie Tiglao AKA The Nineteenth Amendment AKA 30 is the new 17 AKA Ms. AKA AKA the Woman In Black in the photo above came through with her brother RJ and a small army of Asian women and white men (see photo evidence below) to prepare some dope Filipino food for young Cambridge. Fortunately, that included me on this particular evening.

Ellie, RJ, and a small army of Asian women and white men. Shouts to young Alexis looking rather suspect. Question: Is Alexis actually Asian? I still can't tell. Alexis, let me know if you see this. Shouts to the Burrow in Allston, MA.

Anyways word, the menu included some fish balls, some sisig (per the website, Pampanga-style pork, marinated, grilled, and chopped, with a side of pepper rice - on point!), as well as my favorite... the adobo pork belly buns, which were delectable. Yo they were probably the best thing I ate all week (which might not be saying much if you know my diet - shouts to Manda and Scooter). No, but for real, they were stratospherically bomb. They were next level. Yo I might advocate cutting funding to Boston public schools if you told me you were gonna give me some more pork buns, fam.

...Nah actually, I would never do that. Fuck outta here. THEY WERE THAT GOOD THOUGH. I would consider it if I were hungry enough.

So yeah, props to Ellie and her team for bringing us a great meal and reminding us how necessary it is to have ready access to delicious Filipino food here in the greater Boston area. We're missing that right now, so it's our hope here at EMW that Pamangan is gonna go ahead and blow up and fill that niche in our lives. We love you guys, man. By the time the karioka with jackfruit came around, I was a thousand percent sold.

More fly photos below. Splash.


Photo credit: Some Filipino dude named Vincent with a slouch beanie. I'm not sure what this man's last name is. But strong work, dude. Holler at me if you see this.

L, K