EMW + Real Food Challenge / by Iris Cutler

East Meets World (EMW) spent Valentine’s Day weekend with the Real Food Challenge (RFC). RFC is an influential nonprofit dedicated to empowering young leaders to create “a healthy, fair and green food system.” Local RFC organizers creatively utilized EMW’s space to facilitate two days and three nights of non-stop food justice, or social and political initiatives to transform how food gets to our plates.

About twenty New England students and coordinators filled the weekend with everything from storytelling to panels of local Real Food advocates (This wheel depicts what the nonprofit means by “real food”). EMW loved the opportunity to share our space, from kitchen to storefront, with the authenticity, drive, and not to mention delicious food of these awesome global game-changers!

From the initial prospect of our collaboration, EMW and RFC celebrated a shared mission rooted in social justice and a readiness to act on our responsibilities as global citizens. Here at EMW, we’re excited to be a home for like-minded organizations aiming to activate an international community of creative thinkers.