programs director

The EMW Programs Director will empower and support the Program Leads’ creative decision-making with strategic visioning and logistical planning in the curation and execution of EMW's programs. The person in this role will work in concert with other directors on the operations team (Executive, Development, and Design) in cultivating strategic relationships including but not limited to event features, partner organizations, and sponsors.


  • Developing partnerships and with local arts, science, and community organizations and collectives that support marginalized communities, thus orienting EMW program goals to be proactive, responsive, and collaborative with the interests of our communities.
  • Helping EMW evaluate how well we are serving our communities according to our mission, identify any gaps, and develop and execute action plans to fill those gaps (such as, but not limited to, cultivating intergenerational communities through increasing age diversity in program features and prioritizing local community members).
  • Develop protocols that allow EMW to execute access and wellness needs.
  • Supporting the Program Leads in the curation, planning, and execution of EMW Bookstore's regular programming (including East Meets Words, East Meets Beats, Street Bio, EMW Gallery, and the EMW Community Library).
  • Be skilled in working with on-site A/V technology.
  • Practice discernment in the acquirement and prototyping of new programs.
  • Develop opportunities for resourceful partnerships.
  • To ensure timely creation and publication of all programming content, including event posters, social media posts, newsletter copy, etc., in concert with the Program Leads and Operations Team.
  • Collaborate with program leads and community partners to develop and support program schedules (including day-of scheduling as well as program advertising in the weeks leading up to an event) and to identify strategic invites to program events.
  • Orienting program goals and experiences to be a safer and supportive space for all marginalized peoples, including and not limited to: Black folks, immigrants, indigenous folks, Muslim folks, people of color, poor and working class people, queer and transgender and nonbinary folks, sick and disabled people, and women & femmes.
  • Work with program leads to manage programs budget, and reimbursements, to stay on budget, and to develop the budget every fiscal year.
  • Work with other directors to advocate for programs budget
  • Build reciprocity and identify opportunities for professional development of Program Leads.

Immediate Projects

  • Design and develop a protocol for artist collaboration or feature.
  • Develop job descriptions for Program Leads.
  • Document existing protocols, develop new protocols for Program Leads.
  • Document how space should be set up in anticipation of program event.


  • Availability: The person in this position should be able to attend a majority of program events. 8-10 hours/week; Monday evening availability required, day-time co-working availability for Operations Team.
  • Experience drafting and executing event production plans.
  • Experience curating community-focused creative programming.
  • Experience working with marginalized communities with an intersectional lens.
  • Capable of lifting and carrying A/V and art objects up to 30 lbs.
  • Strong writing and communications skills in English.
  • Volunteer management experience; experience navigating competing priorities.
  • Self-driven, patient, detail-oriented, and big-picture thinker.


  • Cultural organizing background.
  • Experience with grant-writing.

pay & perks

  • Modest monthly stipend.
  • Access to a gallery and stage space for meetings, rehearsals, etc. (valued at $100/hour).


Like what you see? Apply by sending an email to with "Programs Director Application" in the subject line. Please attach the following:

  • One-page resume
  • One-page cover letter
  • Two references: name, relationship, email, and phone number of each.


Accepting applications until April 2nd, 2018. We seek to fill these positions immediately, so apply as soon as you can! If you have any questions, let us know at

We especially encourage women, people of color, and LGBTQ+ people to apply!