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EMW Presents: NOIR, An Artistic Exploration of Black History With McKersin Previlus


Noir is a workshop that will artistically define what is black in America. Explore how identity has helped the culture persevere for so long. The workshop will go through history using movement and spoken word to find the roots of what makes an artistic form black. In this session we will be dancing, exploring, reading, and listening to all great works that have already been created and ones we will be creating ourselves. Participants will leave this workshop with an expanded idea of black and learn an artistic approach to its history.


Growing up without the means for dance classes, McKersin started absorbing every form of dance he could find from patient friends and eventually a youth program while in High School. With Ethnic-Haitian dance already in his vocabulary, he started building a bigger arsenal with Hip-Hop, Jazz and Tap. In college he started trading work hours for classes and started studying Ballet and modern intensively. At the moment, he is leading workshops throughout various parts of the country orientated towards social justice, education of culture and movement, all while working with the city to implement more youth and arts programs. He is currently a member of Anna Myer and Dancers and has had the ability to work with choreographers such as Camille A. Brown, E. Moncell Durden, Francine Ott, and Adesola Osakalumi in addition to running his own social change collaborative dance company, “Present-Day Dance Theatre”.