[Ra Low] by EMW Bookstore

With powerful dance feels and a penchant for DJ-ing irresistible booty-shaking sets, Ra Low AKA Richard Lopez, brought the bounce to **East Meets Beats #20 at Cambridge’s Danger! Awesome. Featuring EDM tracks that make it impossible to stay still, Ra Low had the crowd moving to brass tracks, remixed salsa club polyrhythms, and neo-soul vibes for days. A multi-modal artist, Lopez is also EMW Bookstore’s graphic designer.

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[Seneca B] by EMW Bookstore

Featured at East Meets Beats #18, SenecaB DJ’d a soul set comprised of downtempo grooves and old school hip hop. Hearkening back to the classic hip hop DJs of the ‘70s, SenecaB draws on old and new techniques in sample-driven hip hop. Her passion for navigating through and combining elements of RnB and jazz is beautifully evident in her Rascal EP and recent album, Friends. At 19 years old, SenecaB AKA Celin Carlo-Gonzalez, is making (chill)waves and doing it with steeze like no other.


Rascal EP - EP on Soundcloud

Friends - Album on Bandcamp

What You Need - Song on Soundcloud


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[Neel Agrawal] by EMW Bookstore

From drumline to Indian and Western classical music, Neel Agrawal is a multi-dimensional musician who has embedded himself in a wide variety of musical styles. As a world percussionist, Neel is able to cultivate and foster a spiritual experience among listeners through his instruments without compromising expressiveness or technical expertise.


Solo Performance @ UCLA Department of Ethnomusicology

Currently based in Los Angeles, CA, Neel has been involved in speaking out against the 2015 LAPD shooting of Charly “Africa” Leundeu Keunang, a homeless man who resided on Skid Row

Can’t Kill Afrika - SETI X ft. Neel Agrawal on Tabla


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