Tina Xu
Co-Director | Lives Editor

Lover-hater of political theory, dissector of heartaches, connoisseur of wistful words, hiker of hikes, biker of bikes, and occasional rhymer of rhymes. Hit her up if you have extra bubble wrap.

Mateo Mendoza
Co-Director | Beats Editor

Jammin' jazz pianist, sleepless scientist, aspiring healer-educator, and nationally-ranked tetris champ from South Central Los Angeles. He has a deep disdain for wet socks and endless love for rainy days.


Sruthi Narayanan
Words Editor | EMW Communications Team

Storyteller, musician, curator of whimsy, and staunch defender of art as a healing power. Sruthi works for a behavioral marketing startup and is lowkey panicking at how many books she owns. 

Emily Chun
Visions Editor

Human cat, art history student, and furniture enthusiast who is forever looking for art that breaks souls and helps people realize their power. Enjoys flossing, hard boiled eggs, and creation myths.


Melee Lee
Salons Editor | EMW Asst. Building Manager

Board Certified Awkward Turtle. biology student and stage manager with Artist's Theater of Boston. dabbler in things (art, music, dance, stuff). cuddly chronic insomniac who likes pasta, writing angsty poetry, hugs, and dank memes

Evyn Lê Espiritu
Salons Community Curator

PhD candidate, teacher, filmmaker.  Committed to critical refugee studies, decolonization, and social justice education.


Don Kim
Beats Community Curator

Undergraduate bioengineering student who appreciates the arts in all mediums. Don also likes to try produce his own music and edit photos in his spare time. Should also be noted that he likes to make puns.



rich bio photo

Julia Kim
Visions Community Curator

Amused political observer of social orders who bops her head to most sounds and reorganizes words when not eating them. Likes to hold hot liquids in improperly insulated cups and snuggle under piles of blankets..


Claire Chen
Lives Community Currator

Cooking enthusiast, tree-lover, and anthropology student who believes in storytelling as a means of engaging with each other’s humanness. Often found making food with her grandmother or biking around the places she calls home.

Julianne Papetsas
Operations Team | EMW Volunteer Coordinator

Julianne is a high school English teacher and art enthusiast who dabbles in various creative pursuits from writing to visual art and everything in between.  She hails from Provincetown, MA and ever will be "The Kid at the Beach."