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Read-A-THON Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • How does the Read-A-Thon work?
    A Read-A-Thon is essentially the same as a walk for x cause or riding your bike for y charity.  You choose write a statement about why you care about EMW on your personal page, post updates on what you're reading (this can be a  photo, an excerpt, or a reflection), and ask people to support the cause that you care so much about! 
  • Are there events associated with the campaign?
    There will be a number of events associated with the read-a-thon including a kickoff dinner on February 7th, a trivia night, library hours (Weds 6 pm - 8 pm), and the Community Library's 2nd anniversary celebration on Saturday, April 28th.
  • How many books do I need to read to enter?
    As many or as few as you decide.  You set your own goal and do what feels good for you!
  • Can I read things like chapbooks, comics, and shorter works?
    Anything goes - what matters is that it aligns with our values!
  • Will you provide guidance on how to spread the word in my networks once I register?
    Yes!  We will send templates and other tips throughout the campaign.
  • What are Teams, and do I have to join one?
    Teams are
  • I hear there are prizes... how do I win one?
    Teams and Individuals can win prizes!  For example, the first three individuals to raise $500 will receive movie tickets to the Brattle Theatre or the Coolidge Corner Theatre.  The team that raises the most money will win a party at Lucky Strike.  Visit the prizes page to learn more!

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