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Please support us by giving
so that we can sustain our programming
and provide more for you and REST OF our community!


EMW Community Space, fondly known as EMW Bookstore, is a community-oriented space and resource for peoples from marginalized identities to pursue our creative visions. We are proud to announce that our nonprofit status was approved in in the fall of 2016. We hope that this will help us work toward fostering a safer space and resource for our communities.

Considering the countless social, political, and cultural barriers marginalized communities face on a daily basis, we at EMW do our best to ensure that there are no financial barriers preventing our communities from engaging with our space.

We remain committed to supporting our communities and never turn anyone away at an event for a lack of an ability to pay. A gift of any size will make a tremendous impact on the survival and accessibility of our programs.  See the impact of your gift here.

Please support the future of this important community space with a tax-deductible contribution.

- The EMW Team


If you would rather mail us a check, please make the check out to EMW Community Space and send it to the following address:

EMW Bookstore
attn: Simone Labbance
934 Massachusetts Ave
Cambridge, MA 02139