Announcing the EMW Creativity Circle—join today!

We’ve been incredibly fortunate to serve a community that shares our mission of uplifting and celebrating marginalized voices by curating accessible programming for the greater Boston area. Thanks to your continued support, we’ve been able to feature numerous artists, writers, musicians, technologists, and activists in our space and at our events. We’re looking ahead to even bigger opportunities for our organization.

In light of this new phase, we are excited to announce the EMW Creativity Circle, an opportunity for community members to help us blossom. Members of the Creativity Circle are patrons of the arts, biotechnology, and community-driven activism. By making a regular contribution to EMW every month—which can be as budget-friendly as $10 per month, roughly the cost of a Netflix subscription—members of the Creativity Circle provide a reliable source of support for our programming and community engagement. Your contributions are customizable to your budget and our development staff are happy to work with you (

We invite our community to become sustaining members by joining the Creativity Circle. Click here to make a contribution today, and be sure to select "Would you like to make this a recurring donation?" at checkout.

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