Illusions [Just An Everyday Life] by EMW Bookstore

Jackson Li, of Just An Everyday Life, performs "Illusions" (self-described as "a rap about moms and college") for his mother's birthday at EMW bookstore's monthly open mic.

That was me. Model Minority x Slacker. That kid in class, who cut, slept, or played Gameboy Advance every day and still managed to graduate without ever studying. To the streets, I was a nerd and goody-two shoes but to the school, I was a hooligan and a rebel. To America, I was too Chinese but to China, I was too American. These dualities were labeled onto me; I just walk with them.

But I bring that retro fresh. I’ll drop a 16 about Jordans on a Funky Drummer break loop. And while all that EDM and house music is hot right now, I’ll still kill a Kanye Soul Sample. It’s just what I do. No gimmicks, just spitting.

Model Minority. Slacker. Nerd. Hooligan. Rebel. Nah.

I’m just a MC."

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